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We specialise in creative, interactive and customised instructional design and training for Government, Not-for-Profit, Private Enterprise and Individuals.  Our focus is developing resilience, confidence and coping skills, to enhance an individual’s life experience.  Consequently, we offer a broad range of workshops in partnership with subject matter experts.

Who We Serve

We work with individuals, small businesses and organisations to help them develop their online training resources.  We also work with individuals, small groups and organisations to deliver their soft skills training.

What We Deliver

From Instructional design  to training delivery of soft skills our creative workshops utilise art and multi-media mediums in our facilitation practices.

How We Work

We work collaboratively with Business Owners/Directors, Community Leaders and Individuals, to develop engaging and innovative training that maximises the participant’s potential whilst engaging their creativity and intellect.

We work with all ages and stages

It doesn’t matter how young or old you are or how educated or skilled, there is always something to learn from our Emotional Intelligence driven, practical and creative training workshops.

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Testimonials from Training Clients

  • I completed this course (Exploring the Options Workshop) and found it to be very comprehensive and an extremely beneficial tool for anyone uncertain of their core strengths and abilities and needing some direction in their career. Thanks Hayley. I look forward to doing more of your courses.
    Gina Romero
  • I'm happy to declare that I attended Hayley Solich's fabulous Exploring the Possibilities workshop.  Quite a while ago I separated from my husband and I was sad but enjoying life and doing a lot of acting workshops. Hayley's course was perfectly timed as I needed some direction and clarity.  Nowadays I am feeling a lot more confident!  I owe Hayley for regaining my confidence and self-esteem.
    Cathy Parr

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